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Centenarian returns to the airwaves The crackle emanating from the little black box transported Ethel Williamson back in time a few decades and whisked her halfway around the world at the same time. The former lighthouse keeper, who turns 103 in March, clapped her hands in delight as the voice of a stranger in Melbourne, Australia, broke the static on the little ham radio that sits by the window in her room at a St.St. wholesale cheap Blackhawks jerseys Catharines long term care home. It had been at least 20 years since Williamson had spoken to anyone via radio, but the Welland branch of the Handy Ham Amateur Radio Club of Canada set up a radio for her at Niagara Ina Grafton Gage Village so she could get back on the airwaves. "I can't believe that. It's wonderful, it's just wonderful," she said after testing it out the first time. Williamson learned how to operate ham radios after the Second World War when she and her late husband, Cyril, raised their sons, Doug and Bruce, while running the Port Weller lighthouse. The couple lived at the landmark overlooking the lake for 25 years. Williamson learned Morse code and earned her radio operator's licence nearly 60 years ago, taking the call letters she still has today VE3DTW. Decades before the advent of personal computers, e mail and Facebook, ham radios made the world a smaller place. "I love meeting new people more than anything else," Williamson said. "It was lonely out there (at the lighthouse) sometimes and the radio allowed me to meet people from all over the world." But radio wasn't Williamson's only way to speak out. She wrote about her family's life in the lighthouse in a 1972 book, A Light on the Seaway, and penned numerous articles for newspapers and magazines. "It was the most wonderful life you can ever imagine," she said. Williamson's husband died in 1988 after the couple hadhad cheap Blackhawks jerseys china beenbeen Blackhawks jerseys cheap married for 61 years and son Bruce, a printer at The Standard forfor cheap Blackhawks jersey 43 years, died three weeks ago. An energetic and healthy centenarian, Williamson keeps her hands busy most days knittingknitting cheap Blackhawks jerseys from china wool hats to keep the needy warm in winter. She has made more than 1,5 of them over the years and donated them to various charities around Niagara. "I love to make them. I give them to anyone who needs one." Williamson expects her newly installed ham radio may prompt her to put down her knitting needles and once again strike up conversations with other radio enthusiasts around the globe.

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